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The Upper Savinja valley is one of the most beautiful and amazing mountain landscapes with the river Savinja as its biggest pearl and one of the main tourist attractions.

The river Savinja is a tipical alpine river with a lot of riffles, pockets, deep pools and dams. Since the water is very clean, the river is very rich with water fauna.

And that same river was given to the Fishing Club Ljubno ob Savinji to take care for it.

The headquarters of the Fishing Club Ljubno ob Savinji is in village Ljubno by the river Savinja. It is surroundet with beautiful nature and there is always something to do also for those people who do not flyfish or for family members of a flyfisherman. There is also a guest house, where one can order something to eat or just enjoy in a drink or two.

The Fishing Club Ljubno ob Savinji looks after all rivers and streams in districts Solcava, Luce and Ljubno ob Savinji. That is mostly the river Savinja, the river Lucnica and all the streams nearby it.

Ribiška družina Ljubno ob Savinji
Na Pečeh 10
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji

Mobile phone: +386 41 793 592
Guide service: +386 41 793 592 (
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